Here are the videos of the Build Your Book Course, Part 1
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Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 1
6 minutes. How you’re going to not just write your book, but how to market right off casually, without being icky; how to not write too much; how I integrate writing elements so you can write and publish fast. How many books do self-pub authors sell? Why self-pub vs conventional publisher?
And please! Don’t skip anything in the series, and don’t skip around – watch each video in order!

Build Your Book Course: Your Possible Roads
8 minutes. Are you going to take the long, hard, confusing, tiring road? Or are you going to follow the sequence, step by step, easy-peasy, and get your book done lickety-split? Watch this…

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 2
9 minutes. What’s your Why – for YOU, not your reader. What keeps you going; why your WHY is so critical; how your why determines your book size, sizes of books, and more…

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 3
4 minutes. Who is your reader? Who are you helping? What specific group, what specific problem so you can make a unique offering. Quotes and stories; specific experiences and stories, importance of how the reader feels before and after reading your book.

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 4
7 minutes. What is your reader experiencing? What problem can you help them solve? What desire can you help them fulfill?

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 5
15 minutes. The importance of how your reader feels, and how you can custom your materials to helping them get what they need and want. Starting your back cover! Why? How to write an alternative title and subtitle. Why your back cover helps sell your book. DO NOT SKIP THIS! This is critical info. How to construct and write your back cover first, before writing your book to create your chapter headings. How many pages to write.

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 6
7 minutes. How to structure your back cover for optimal ‘real estate’ usage; how to write your back cover’s first paragraph; using bullet points and why; how your back cover functions on amazon and using it to sell your book…

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 7
8 minutes. Social proof, reviews, how to get them, how to ask for them, how to get even famous people to write a review for you…

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 8
8 minutes. Your ISBN, how to refer to it so you don’t sound like an amateur, and your call to action. Where to put the ISBN bar code and why, what will happen if you don’t put it in the right place; how to finalize your sales with a specific kind of call to action…

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 9
6 minutes. Surprise! How to make your not-boring, compelling chapter headings from your ….

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 10
12 minutes. What specific apps to use to build your book – both free and for fee. How to use them, where to get them, which ones are best. Templates, how to use, where to get. How to build books in different sizes…

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – part 11
20 minutes. How to structure the insides of your book, from the blank pages at the front to the ones at the back. What pages and sections to include, and where to include them within the book.

Build Your Book Course Segment 1 – Notes

58 minutes. Please listen in on this run-down of some of the things I forgot to mention in the other videos, and some more info on things I did mention: ISBNs, more about your back cover bullet points; how to avoid writing too much; different types of books and details; about, book for meditations, audio books, book for recipes, coloring books, books on energy therapies; and more…
And – my apologies – I forgot to stop recording after each section to make shorter videos – this one is almost an hour, but don’t let that deter you – there’s important info on this video you need to know!