Are you afraid to write and publish your book?

Or post blog articles? Or to share information? Or to share your skills, knowledge or expertise?

Do you realize you are keeping your Good Stuff away from the very people who need it?


If you have any fears about writing – come and tap along with me, and other folks who find themselves stopped by one fear or another. Together we will prevail!

I had a lot of fear about writing and publishing any book at all. But once I tapped myself free, I had courage enough to write and publish my first book. I was able to publish within a very short time. I can tellya, it’s an amazing feeling to hold your first book in your little hot hands!


We resolved fears and got clear, so now you can write without your debilitating thoughts, fears, and beliefs filling your mind.

We tapped on being afraid of being visible, on shame for not being where you think you ‘should’ be, and a lot more.

We also reframed ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘where do I start,’ and ‘how to start writing’ when you feel stuck.

I also shared my process for transforming your thoughts, fears and habits, freeing up your energy to use it for creativity.
This is a system you can use all the time, any time you get stuck, for the rest of your life. Priceless.


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