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I am going to:
1. Show you how to never, ever get caught by the 3 worst mistakes any author can make – even skilled, seasoned authors…
2. Show you how you can get crystal clear on some surprising critical elements that help you write your book in half the time it might ordinarily take.
3. Answer participant questions.
4. Let you in on some industry secrets no other author instructor I know of teaches!

NOTE: This is a hands-on WORK shop, not a lala theory webinar, or a sell-you-an-expensive product teaser. Even if you are coming in way long after the workshop was given, I still take you through some important exercises that will accelerate your writing process and allow you to produce a better book.

Below is where you can find the notes, the lists, some images you can use, and the links to the videos.

The videos are split up into wee tiny bits so you can view each segment part by part. That way, if you have to stop watching, it’s easy to come back to what you were watching; and also so you can easily get back to any part you wanted to review more than once.

Oh – and although the videos do have a share function, I’m asking you to refrain from sharing so people don’t get confused by coming in halfway through the series, or just seeing one segment – they all tie together and need to be watched in order.

If you want someone to have them, please have them register for the freebie workshop so they can get ALL the goodies.

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Go for it – here are the workshop notes & videos:



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