Here’s the Author Q&A workshop replay!

Oh boy! This is fun!

It was a no-pitch, personal casual meetup.

Folks asked their Qs and didn’t have to worry about when I’d jump into buy-this and buy-that!

Because they already knew I will be creating a series of workshops.

No Pressure.

So have fun watching the replay.


Make sure you have your writing implements out so you can take lots of notes!

I take you through my secret method of zeroing down into
• exactly who your readers are,
• what size book to choose, and why,
• what your readers will get out of your book –
• and how to turn all of that into a brilliant plan you can follow step by step to get your book out lickety-split!

And if you have your own Qs that didn’t get asked in this workshop, contact me and I’ll help as best I can.

AND – come to the next workshop!!!!!

Here’s the replay!