This is a combo of the notes that I used to narrate and lead the workshop, and the transcript I made of it. You will notice that I deviated from the notes a lot, and, since I didn’t have time to include it all, I left out a lot of information. It does not include the info about the back cover. I will be going over that in the Build Your Book Course. It is, however, included here in the videos.
Click HERE to download the pdf.

Here are lists of a slew reasons why write your book.
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Download the image of the back cover of Dan Poynter’s book. This is important information you can use for every one of your books! Download the cover HERE.

I’m including here an example of the back cover from one of my student’s books, so you can see how she emulated the ideas on Dan’s cover as a template for her own.


It looks like a lot, but each video is only 2 to 10 minutes long. Easy-peasy. Enjoy!
NOTE: DO NOT SKIP AROUND or neglect to watch any of them!
IMPORTANT!!!! They are in the order you need to use them as you write your book, and build upon each other!
Watch the replays here:

Part 1 – 5 minutes. This is the prequel to the workshop. This helps you start the process of writing – without writing a single word in your book yet! If you don’t have this one decision, you will write too much, get off track and eventually lose control of your content.

Part 2 – 9 minutes. What’s this all about, who is this Angela person, the real dollar value of self-publishing…

Part 3 – 10 minutes. Discover the deep, underlying information that determines more choices about your book than you thought.

Part 4 – 5 minutes. An important surprise benefit of knowing your exact reader that allows you specific info that helps you build your book right from the start!

Part 5 – 5 minutes. Student Qs; more about the surprise info…

Part 6 – 2 minutes. What is the first mistake that can kill your book? This has an embarrasingly funky ending…

Part 7 – 8 minutes. What is the 2nd mistake? It may not be what it looks like. What is the crucial impact you can have on her through your book?

Part 8 – 7 minutes. Listen to the readers other students have chosen to help. Make sure you stay away from jargon or other industry terms your reader won’t understand.

Part 9 – 8 minutes. What is your specific intended reader struggling with? How to zero down and get to the nitty-gritty, so you can help her out on a fundamental level.

Part 10 – 6 minutes. What do you think you’re selling; what is your reader actually buying; and what is the fundamental purpose of the purchase? How to keep from writing too much so you can focus on the essentials and create a book that is perfect for your intended reader.

Part 11 – 4 minutes. External-internal-fundamental – more info, and Qs and comments by students; & feedback.

Part 12 – 16 minutes. Surprising, critical info that helps you save time and give you a really, really tight book.

Part 13 – 2 minutes. Summary and bye-bye.

The full 4-week Build Your Book Course – I invite you to join me in this 4-week course where you will discover my unique system of writing and publishing your book that makes it easy to write an excellent, hyper-focused book while also cutting your work-time in half.


In case you need it, HERE is the link to the playlist of the videos.